JV and Varsity Girls basketball  

Pre-season Conditioning and Drills

Start in October and continue until Tryouts

Do 3 non consecutive days per week

1.   Do stretches  3 - 5 minutes

2.   Jump Rope - slow at first, then increase speed

For 60 seconds, rest 20 seconds and REPEAT.

3.   Wind Sprints - ( 30 yards up and back - 3 times )

Second set of Wind sprints same, but with the ball;

Dribbling with right hand and left hand.

Keep your dribble low ! and keep your head up !

4.   Do the "Mikan Drill" under the basket for 60 seconds,

Rest 30 seconds and REPEAT.

***If you do not know what the Mikan Drill is, GOOGLE it

  to see.

5.   Shoot your Free Throws

One hand shots, bend your knees, elbow under the ball,

Release the ball high as you can reach and follow thru with

Your index finger pointing toward the basket.

Shoot at least 50 per day, more if you really want to improve your shooting.


Any questions about any of these pre-season instructions,

Call or email --- David and Belinda Pope

  New Century Middle School

  Girls Basketball Coaches


email: dpopeatgolfersway@nc.rr.com