Honors Theatre Arts 3/4

Auditions for Honors Theatre 2014-2015

Honors Theatre 2014/2015

Class List

Jasmine Marshall, Thomas Raper, Marlena Moore, Cydney Plevik, Tristyn Murphy, Fred Woodruff, Elizabeth Prevatte, Will Fisher, MacKenzie Kennedy, Annelle Staal, Samantha Morton, Amanda Lipiccolo, Hannah Browning, Dakota Armstrong, Amanda Dworak, Jillian Glyder, Kayleigh Scheirer, Lindsey Lovelace, Hannah Bankos, Hailey Chilton, Scott Wilder, Dylan Foster, Erik Benson, Brittani Burns, Tim Dye, Michael Capstaff

Please keep an eye on this website. I will be posting summer information shortly (assignments, summer meeting and audition dates).

Honors Theatre Meetings/Auditions:  August 11-14, 2014

Theatre 3

'The Project'

You will choose a play for your project, and through the rest of the semester, you will pick apart this play from the aspect of director, designers, producer, and actors.  You will create a portfolio (either paper or digital, your choice) of this play.  All of your assignments should be neat and professional.

On the due date of each assignment, you will meet with me to go over your assignment, and we will decide on your grade together.

  • Wednesday, March 26:  Assignment 1 Due
  • Thursday, April 3: Assignment 2 Due
  • Wednesday, April 9: Assignment 3 Due 
  • April 12-21:  No Assignments, Spring Break
  • Friday, April 25: Assignment 4 Due
  • Thursday, May 1: Assignment 5 Due
  • Friday May 9:  Scene Performances:  Marlena Moore/MacKenzie Kennedy, Travelle Wallace/Jasmine Marshall, Selena Montagno/Jillian Glyder, Elizabeth Prevatte/Will Fisher
  • Tuesday May 13:  Scene Performances:  Briana Berk/Das'Jae Fox, Matt Dye/Julia Briendel-Pillsbury, Sydney Huff/Jenna Packett
  • Monday May 19, Friday May 23, Wednesday May 28:  Final Presentations complete with Final Portfolios

Theatre IV

'The Play'

  • Click on 'Initial Calendar' to see honors/tech days, as well as which mornings/afternoons are open for after school rehearsal in the auditorium.
  • Click on 'Mentor Information' for recommendations on how to find a mentor, and how to request their help.

Timeline and Due Dates

Week 1:  March 18 Meeting

Have mentor identified and confirmed, One Page Job Description Due

Week 2:  March 24 Meeting

Table of Contents with your Products and Deadlines

Week 3:  April 1 Meeting

First Mentor Logs Due

Week 4:  April 7 Meeting

Products 1 and 2 Due

Week 5:  Spring Break, No Meeting

Week 6:  April 23 Meeting

Second Mentor Logs Due

Week 7:  April 29 Meeting

Week 8:  Week of May 5-9

Students schedule individual meetings before school or during lunch

Week 9:  May 13 Meeting

Third Mentor Logs Due

Week 10:  Production Week

No Individual Meeting this Week

Week 11:  May 28

Final Portfolio Due, including all 5 products

Through the Looking Glass Reflection

Due Wednesday, Jan 8 (in your portfolio).  Download the assignment below.


  • Study Guilde Act 4:  Due Friday, Jan 17
  • Feb 7:  Othello Scene Performances 1-4
  • Feb 11:  Othello Scene Performances 5-8
  • Feb 13:  Othello Scene Performances 9-12

Click here for the video playlist.


  • Portfolio Due Wednesday, Jan 8.  
  • Download 'Portfolio Rubric 1-8' below.

Through the Looking Glass

Performance Nov 6

Performance Oct 24

Rehearsal Nov 4

Important Dates and Information:

  • Wednesday, Nov 13:  7am Morning Rehearsal
  • Tuesday, Nov 19:  7am Morning Rehearsal
  • Wednesday, Nov 20 (evening):  Looking Glass Production
  • Nov 21-22:  NCTC State Play Festival (specifics to come asap)

Looking Glass Journal

Journal is due once a week, the first honors day of the week.  Directions attached below.  For suggestions on what to journal, download 'scene study handout.'

  • Week 1:  Due Tuesday, Sept 10
  • Week 2:  Due Monday, Sept 16
  • Week 3:  Due Tuesday, Sept 24
  • Week 4:  Due Monday, Sept 30
  • Week 5:  Due Tuesday, Oct 8
  • Week 6:  Due Monday, Oct 14
  • Week 7:  Due Tuesday, Oct 22
  • Week 8:  Due Monday, Oct 28

Honors Theatre Syllabus:  Attached Below

  • Needed Materials:  Comfortable Clothing, Pen/Pencil, 3 ring binder, tabbed dividers 

Play Analysis

  • See 2 plays, outside of class.  
    • First Semester:  Due Monday, Jan 6, 2014
    • Second Semester:  Due Monday, May 19, 2014
  • Play cannot be another Pinecrest Players Production.
  • Must be turned in within 2 weeks of the production.



Makeup Assignment

If you miss a day of honors theatre arts, download the assignment below to make up your participation grade for the day.  Turn in the assignment within TWO WEEKS of your absence.  If it is not submitted within two weeks, it will not be accepted.